Hi! I'm Ralph.

I'm a first-year PhD at the University of Waterloo under the supervision of Jimmy Lin. I work at the junction of natural language processing, speech recognition, and deep learning.

I've designed a speech recognition system in production that answers millions of daily voice queries, I've published several papers, and I've helped a Velocity startup win $35K.


Challenges and Opportunities in Understanding Spoken Queries Directed at Modern Entertainment Platforms
Ferhan Ture, Jinfeng Rao, Raphael Tang, Jimmy Lin
SIRIP 2019
Ashutosh Adhikari*, Achyudh Ram*, Raphael Tang, Jimmy Lin
*Equal contribution.
Raphael Tang*, Yao Lu*, Linqing Liu*, Lili Mou, Olga Vechtomova, Jimmy Lin
*Equal contribution.
Yelling at Your TV: An Analysis of Speech Recognition Errors and Subsequent User Behavior on Entertainment Systems
Raphael Tang, Ferhan Ture, Jimmy Lin
SIGIR 2019
Jaejun Lee, Raphael Tang, Jimmy Lin
IUI 2019 Demo
Ashutosh Adhikari*, Achyudh Ram*, Raphael Tang, Jimmy Lin
NAACL 2019
*Equal contribution.
Raphael Tang, Gefei Yang, Hong Wei, Yajie Mao, Ferhan Ture, Jimmy Lin
Raphael Tang, Ashutosh Adhikari, Jimmy Lin
NIPS 2018 Workshop on Compact Deep Neural Networks with Industrial Applications
Raphael Tang, Jimmy Lin

Work Experience

Research Contractor
Oct 2018–Present
  • Conduct research on improving voice query search on the X1 enter-tainment platform.
Research Intern
May 2018–Aug 2018
  • Designed speech recognition model currently in production to serve millions of voice queries per day on the X1 entertainment platform.
  • Worked with team to code, test, and deploy the system.
Software Developer
Aug 2014–Aug 2015
  • Envisioned, designed, and programmed Android application.
  • Designed $25,000- and $10,000-winning pitch and video.